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Cote D'ivoire
Real Estate Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Cote D'ivoire, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Youssry Saleh & Partners
In the past few years Egypt has taken a new development process by building new urban areas, around 30 cities were newly established. The Egyptian laws and regulations encourage investors to invest and by...
Andersen in Egypt
بتاريخ 30 اغسطس2022، اصدر وزير المالية محمد معيط قرار رقم 61 لسنة 2022 ، والذى نص على تحمل الخزان
Andersen in Egypt
On August 30th, 2022, Minister of Finance, His Excellency Mohamed Maait issued Decree No. 61 of 2022, which stipulates that the state shall bear real estate tax due properties utilized...
Andersen in Egypt
المطور العقارى، هو كيان اعتباري تُخول له الوزارة حق مزاولة نشاط التطوير العقاري، ش
Andersen in Egypt
A real estate developer ("developer") is a legal entity that's authorized by the competent Ministry to engage in real estate development activities, provided that this activity is licensed in its...
Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm
ل تعلم انك اذا اشتريت عقار (شقة او ارض) فانك لا تكون مالك له الا بعد تسجيل عقد البيع عملا &#
Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm
Do you know that if you buy a property, whether an apartment or land, you will not be the owner thereof unless and until after you register the sales agreement under the provisions of Law 114 of 1946...
AXIS Fiduciary Ltd
With the objective of encouraging modern and innovative agricultural practices to address the concerns of local and global food security, the Economic Development Board ("EDB") has announced the implementation of the...
Olajide Oyewole
Data centers are designed to house a large amount of IT equipment used to store and process important applications or data.
Famsville Solicitors
Sometime in December 2021, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, disclosed that a new policy for monthly tenancy on property occupancy would commence in Lagos State in 2022.
South Africa
SchoemanLaw Inc.
In this masterclass, we will unpack some tips for first-time buyers when buying immovable property.
Barnard Inc.
In October 2021, the Johannesburg City Council approved a policy imposing a levy on all new developments to aid in funding the increased infrastructure demands brought about by such developments.
SchoemanLaw Inc.
Many South Africans who own property want to ensure that the rights of their loved ones are protected concerning the property. They want to ensure their loved ones have control of the property...
United Arab Emirates
Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants
There is a specific regulatory framework regulating the relationship between landlords and tenants; people are still facing many disputes that arise because of tenancy relationship.
GRATA International
The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the Decree "On measures to reliably protect the inviolability of property rights, prevent unreasonable interference in property relations...
Zenas Chambers, ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
It is becoming increasingly common for persons to buy deceased estate asset in Zimbabwe today. When dealing with a deceased estate it is important to ensure that all the ...
Zenas Chambers, ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
More often than not, people get caught up in situations where their interests in immovable properties are threatened.
Zenas Chambers, ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
South Africa has its Krugerrand, the United States has the American Eagle, Australia has the Australian Kangaroo, Canada has the Maple Leaf and now, Zimbabwe has joined the ranks of gold coin production with the Mosi-Oa-Tunya.
Zenas Chambers, ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
Purchasing an immovable property is one of the biggest financial commitments that one can make and it would be a nightmare if one were to lose out due to a lack of due diligence.
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