Based on the recent developments regarding a global pandemic of Covid-19, the Maltese national immigration and identity agency has taken additional measures in order to be able to maintain the operations.

The agency has introduced following measures:

Birth Registration

As from Monday, the 6th April 2020, all newborns can be registered via post instead of previously having an obligatory visit to the agency's offices. One of the parents and in case of a birth out of a wedlock both parents need to notify Identity Malta about the birth of a child

The first step is to notify the public registry unit via e-mail and send copies of required documents by post with registered mail. After the receipt of the documents the Public Registry office will send the Act of Birth to the parents.

The Act of Birth is then registered, and parents will be notified about the possibility to obtain the birth certificate through the website of Identity Malta.

Death registration

Also, from Monday, the 6th of April 2020, any registration of a deceased person can be done by post without the requirement to visit any offices.

The person registering the death of another person should as with the birth of an individual contact the Public Registry Unit by e-mail and send hard copies of the required documents by post.

The death notification will be complete once the Public Registry office receives the required documentation. The registering person will then be notified by SMS about the successful registration.

The Expatriates Unit

EU, EEA and Swiss national, along with their family members, who have been living in Malta for at least 3 months and have not yet applied for a registration, together with those whose registration has expired, need to send an e-mail to Identity Malta and will receive a confirmation as a proof of their registration.

Third country nationals and their respective family members who need to renew their permit can submit a new renewal application request via e-mail. All interviews are currently being suspended.

At this stage, Identity Malta will not accept any new application for a single permit in Malta, apart from applications from highly skilled workers applying under the "Key Employee Initiative" and workers of the health sector and social care for elderly and disabled.

The Visa Unit

From Monday the 6th, the Central Visa Unit will be only open to public by appointment and only between 08:00am and 11:00am on weekdays.

Foreign students

Students in Malta, who are Third Country Nationals and re studying English in Malta in any Language school or institution that are recognized by the ELT Council may apply for a national visa in order to maintain their legal stay in the country. This only applies to third country nationals, who are currently studying an online course in MQF levels between 1 and 4.

Students in higher education and whose student permit is about to expire need to contact Identity Malta by e-mail.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.