Winston & Strawn celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with an uplifting and inspiring conversation with Dr. Ellen Ochoa—the first Latina in space. A true trailblazer, Dr. Ochoa was also the only woman aboard three of her four space flights.

In a discussion led by San Francisco Associate Cesie Alvarez, Dr. Ochoa described the hurdles she faced early in her life as she sought to be an astronaut, and gave this advice, "Listen to the people who know you and ignore those who don't." She said that the people in her life who discouraged her didn't really know her; they just had a hard time seeing a woman in the roles that she was seeking. "The people who supported me got to know me," she added.

After narrating stunning video shot during her space flights, Dr. Ochoa said that she saw the Earth in a different way after seeing it from space. "You realize just how fragile our environment is and you see our Earth as a complete, interconnected system." In addition, she  pointed out that from space, the Earth doesn't have any country boundaries.

In closing, Dr. Ochoa reminded us of the power of a team. She said, "When you have a team dedicated to a goal or mission, there is nothing you can't achieve."

This special presentation was sponsored by Winston's Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the Latina/o Lawyer Alliance at Winston.

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