Welcome to the second issue of Life at Winston: Charlotte Edition.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. I enjoy hearing everyone's reasons for good cheer—everything from visits with friends and family to the lights at Carowinds, the Speedway, and Stowe Gardens to the ACC Football Championship. In sharing their good cheer, usually I see friends and colleagues divide into two distinct groups—the "welcome to the New Year" folks who have planned 2022 through Memorial Day, and those who are still taking stock of 2021 and will be until January 1. 

This year, however, the division is less pronounced. And with the continuing dichotomy between pandemic-related challenges and innovation opportunities, it is no wonder. To borrow from the greatest college basketball quote of all time, we are a little more "amphibious," meaning we are adapting to take advantage of the opportunities to improve, advance, and move forward in all facets of our lives.

This issue amphibiously highlights our plans and observations for 2022 and takes stock of issues and opportunities from 2021.

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