Google yourself. Why? You should know what is out there. You will find numerous companies selling personal information about you and your family to anyone who wants it. This is the same information that gets traded on the dark web. Cybercriminals purchase detailed personal information legally from 'data broker' and 'people search' sites regularly. They use our sensitive information to launch ransomware attacks on individuals and businesses. In the United States, the FBI received reports in 2021 alone of nearly $7 billion in losses due to cyberattacks. These online attacks are a risk for every small and large business, without exception. So, how do we fight back? It's not easy to prevent bad people from doing bad things. But if they can't find your email address or phone number, it is a lot harder for them to tap into their usual bag of tricks. That's where mePrism comes in.

Founded in 2019, mePrism has been working diligently to help consumers control their personal online data. mePrism helps find out who has your information and compels them to take it down. Using a combination of automation technology and AI-enabled legal escalation, mePrism has a very high success rate in removing its customers' personal information from the internet. mePrism also continuously monitors the internet for signs of their customers' info and takes it down if that info pops back up. With growing awareness about the incredible benefit of minimizing individuals' and employees' virtual footprints, more and more individuals and companies are turning to mePrism for help.

It is both the legal know-how and the novel technology that make mePrism the right choice for privacy-minded individuals and organizations. You can learn more about mePrism at

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