Astraea Group co-founder and crypto law expert James Ramsden QC is speaking at the University of Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime on Tuesday 7th September 2021.

The prestigious event, now in its 38th year, runs through Sunday 12 September and brings together the world's top educators, research institutions, governmental agencies, the judiciary, regulators and more to discuss prevention and control of economically motivated crime and misconduct.

The theme of this year's event is 'Economic Crime: Who pays and who should pay?'  James will be speaking about fraud and insolvency in the wake of Covid-19.

James Ramsden QC commented—

"Covid has created a fertile environment for fraud. Decentralised digital technologies are being harnessed by fraudsters to launder money, hack cryptocurrency trading platforms and transact in the darkweb. The risk to our global economy is real and pressing.

I am delighted to be part of the dialogue made possible by the Cambridge International Symposium which is laying the foundation for prevention and punishment of economic crime in the post-Covid era."

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