The Charity Commission announced the upcoming launch of its 'My Charity Commission Account' service, which will allow charity trustees and a charity's authorised professional advisers to access the Commission's online services and information.

The new approach will enable access to the Commission's online services through a registered email address creating a personal account. Users of the service will then be able to update their charity's details, submit annual returns, and make changes to governing documents, which previously has only been accessible via an online account in the charity's name. In the longer term, the Commission's aim is that this service can be used to provide trustees with tailored support.

There will be three types of account available:

1. Full access administrator
2. Trustee
3. Third-party account.

Each of these different account types will have different levels of access to the available services and changes that can be made online.

The Commission recommends that trustees and other relevant charity contacts review their communication set up now, ensuring that the same address is used across all charities they are involved with (if relevant) and that the personal email address (rather than a generic one) to be used to register with the service is functional.

For individuals that are involved with multiple charities, including professional advisers or people who have more than one trusteeship, the new account should enable them to access information about all their charities in one place.

The My Charity Commission Account will go live in Spring 2023.

The Charity Commission's guidance on the 'My Charity Commission Account' can be found here.

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