Turkish Parliament adopted a new law which removes reciprocity principle that was barring citizens of 89 countries from owning a property in Turkey. In other words, it is no longer required that a foreign person's home country allows for a citizen of the Republic of Turkey to acquire real estate in order for that foreign person to be able to buy property in Turkey.

With the new law, foreign buyers can purchase land up to the 10% of a town's acreage or 30 hectares throughout the country instead of 2,5 hectares. On the other hand, the Turkish Council of Ministers may raise this amount up to 60 hectares. In any event, the local land registry office should take the approval from the Military in order to determine if the related land is or not in military or security zone.

Besides, under the new legislation, foreign companies established in accordance with their own country's laws may acquire real estates in Turkey only in accordance with the provisions of special codes and only to conduct their areas of activity mentioned on their Articles of Associations. Thus; these corporations are required to submit their projects to the approval of the relevant Ministry within two years. If approved, the project will be sent to the local land registry office. The companies other than the said commercial companies cannot acquire real estates in Turkey.

Pursuant to the article 35 of the Title Deeds Law no. 2644, the Turkish Council of Ministers may determine, restrict, sustain totally or partially or prohibit the acquisition of real estate of foreign persons or foreign companies upon the country, citizen, geographical region, term, number, rate, category, qualification, areameter or quantity.

Legal Steps to follow for acquiring Real Estate of foreign investors can be explained as:

  • Checking Title Deed Registry of real estate if there is any restriction right on the property,
  • Request the approval of the competent National Military Authority which will be submitted following its research on the potential new proprietor and also on the real estate which is subject to an acquisition by a foreigner whether it is located out of Military Forbidden Zones and Security Zones or not,
  • Following the approval of the Military, the signature of the official sale agreement before the related Title Deed Registry in order to register the property in the name of the new proprietor,
  • Submitting a declaration to the related local municipality related to the new ownership

With the same regulation, it has been also determined that the location, registration, announcement and planning of the areas with protected status such as natural protected areas, wetlands, private environmental protection areas are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.