On January 17, 2024, the Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade has issued a New Executive Regulations No. 26 dated 2024 for the 2010 Trademark Act reflecting an increase in the official fees related to trademark services it provides. JAH Intellectual Property is pleased to maintain our professional charges without any increase.

The new executive regulation, which was put in force with immediate effect, has also introduced some clear definitions and provisions in the trademark law to cover up for the gaps experienced by the trademarks office before such as registrable marks, registration procedures, expiry of marks property and their mortgage, registration, renewal and cancellation disputes concerning trademarks registration and property.

Syria: Increase in the official fees of trademark and design services.

Following the Syrian People Assembly's decision in their meeting held on 15/11/2023 to amend the fees for a number of IP services, a new law under number 23/2023 of November 21, 2023 was issued which reflects the newly adopted fees for trademarks and designs services that were put into force on December 2023. Accordingly, JAH Intellectual property has updated their tariff sheet reflecting the new official fees while maintaining our professional charges.

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