Cape Verde makes progress in attracting IP investment as the ARIPO and PCT systems strengthen.

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At the recent EPO-ARIPO heads of office meeting, a lack of understanding of IP rights and a need for infrastructure for investing in IP rights were identified as challenges in commercialising IP rights of African universities.

This has prompted the EPO and ARIPO to launch an online capacity building and educational outreach project for universities, initially as a pilot project. Some 25 universities from ARIPO member states are participating, as well as universities from Angola, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

The first part of the pilot establishes a basic understanding of the IP and patents systems. In the second phase, participants are trained to use patent information search tools, and learning and research tools. The pilot ends on 1 June 2022 and is likely to be extended to more countries after the results have been measured and evaluated.

Source: EPO - Launch of EPO-ARIPO University IP outreach project

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