Key Points

  • The European Commission published guidelines for the suspension of the Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia


The European Commission published guidelines for the partial suspension of the Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia on 5 May 2022. The guidelines would impact the following individuals:

  • Members of Russia's national and regional governments and official delegates;
  • Russian citizens holding valid diplomatic passports; and
  • Russian business travelers and representatives of business organizations.

Under the suspension, these travelers will no longer benefit from privileged access to the European Union. Instead, these travelers will be required to present documentary evidence for travel and pay the standard Euro 80 visa application fee. These measures will not impact ordinary Russian citizens, who will still benefit from the arrangements of the Visa Facilitation Agreement.

What are the Changes?

On 5 May 2022, the European Commission published guidelines for member states and their consulates to apply the partial suspension of the Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia. The guidelines established the conditions of the partial suspension and clarified who would be impacted by the partial suspension. These guidelines are not binding and some member states have introduced stricter measures for the processing of certain Russian visas.

Looking Ahead

Continue to check the government of the European Commission's website and Envoy's website for the latest updates and information.

Originally published 16 May, 2022

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