KNOETZL partner Katrin Hanschitz, in her role as Co-Chair of the International Litigation Committee, attended the Annual Conference 2023 of the American Bar Association, International Section, in New York in early May.

Experts from all over the world connect at this international meeting in order to be at their best when it comes to providing clients with efficient and targeted support across national borders.

Current legal issues affecting the cross border business activity in the "post-Corona" world are examined. What are the challenges of cryptocurrency insolvencies? Under what circumstances can a company without a US base be sued in a U.S. court? What is state of the art for compliance in companies conducting global operations? What are the pros and cons of fintech? How do ESG standards play out in disputes? What are the latest insights on managing diversity to avoid culture shock for witnesses and judges in international disputes? What are currently the most common drivers of M&A disputes?

This exchange with international colleagues hones our awareness of future challenges for our clients in the post-Corona business world and ensures that we, as internationally active lawyers, are always on the ball.

As Co-Chair of the International Litigation Committee of the American Bar Association (International Section), Katrin Hanschitz, partner at KNOETZL, has the privilege of promoting and supporting this rewarding exchange, most recently at the Annual Conference of the ABA International Section in New York. More than 400 lawyers from all continents gathered for a week to discuss the most challenging and topical legal issues, to share their expertise and to advance the rule of law throughout the world.