ESMAA has achieved a lot in just one year, Hussain 'Spek' Yoosuf told Arab News during his interview, upon completion of one year by the organization. He further explained that although the UAE and other Gulf countries had laws in place relating to intellectual property rights and licensing, but they didn't really have the infrastructure or tools for enforcement. The only option was to take the infringer to court, however it was not really practical that you take everybody that you met to court, when piracy levels were at almost 90 percent across the region in the days when music was a physical, CD-based business, he explained. Hence the evolution of an organization called ESMAA was the stepping stone in creating a regional music rights body in the Country.

What is ESMAA?1>

Launched in 2020, ESMAA is a music rights management entity. ESMAA works with global rights organizations, music publishers, songwriters, labels and artists to fulfill this objective in the UAE and Gulf region. This organization is on a mission to ensure music creators and rights owners are paid fairly for the use of their music in the Gulf, and to facilitate music licensing for those in the region using music. In other words, this organization simplifies and facilitates the procedures of music licensing in the gulf region.

In the past one-year tenure, ESMAA has signed agreements to represent global royalties-collection agencies, including the UK's Performing Right Society for Music and the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

Some other feathers to its cap among others are as follows:

  • Agreements to license music from the library of British record label Chrysalis Music and Global Master Rights, a neighboring rights company that represents more than 300 record labels and 2,500 performers including Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Metallica and David Guetta.
  • It was the sole music-licensing partner for the Expo 2020 Dubai and its distributing royalties around the world generated by the event.
  • It has also recently announced a licensing agreement with Saudi entertainment company MDLBEAST.
  • ESMAA also signed an agreement to represent US-based performing rights organization the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers and its affiliate, Harry Fox Agency, a US mechanical rights organization.



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