On June 14, it was published on the official gazette, the "Agreement that modifies the Rules for tax collection by the financial institutions" which extends until September 17, 2018, the entry into force of the new scheme for electronic payment of customs duties and taxes, known as "Electronic Payment Foreign Trade (PECE)".

Originally, this obligation would be enforceable as of June 15 of this year, however, its entry into force was postponed, as the implementation of process, systems and communication with users has not yet been completed.

As long as the PECE does not enter into force, the previous scheme, called "Centralized Electronic Customs Payment" or "PECA" will continue.

It is important that companies engaged in foreign trade operations take advantage of the period granted to familiarize themselves with the procedures of the new scheme in order to comply with the technological infrastructure and administrative requirements that allow them to operate under the Electronic Payment Foreign Trade (PECE) scheme.

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