Montenegro's citizenship by investment program is now open and waiting for your application. Discus Holdings Ltd is an official agent of the newest European passport solution; our local experts will support your application and hold your hand through the entire naturalisation process until you receive the passport of Montenegro.

Montenegro offers its citizenship for High Net Worth Individuals in exchange for investments in its booming tourism sector. The Southeast European country aims to join the European Union very soon, and its passport offers the freedom of travel in 122 countries, including the Schengen area and the other EU Member States, Russia and Turkey. Montenegro's fast-developing tourism industry needs direct investments to be able to host the always-increasing number of tourists, who wish to enjoy the last secret gem of the Adriatic Sea. The unique beauty of the country and the fascinating culture ensures that investors place their funds in the right tourism projects of Montenegro. The objective of the citizenship scheme is to develop tourism's infrastructure with high-quality accommodation facilities and create jobs for the Montenegrin people.

Discus Holdings Ltd is an official agent of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

Only three official intermediary agents may offer the Montenegro citizenship program, and Discus Holdings Ltd is one of these official agents through its 50 per cent owned subsidiary, Apex Capital.

Practical details of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

Applicants older than 18 years qualify for the program. They must invest in government-approved projects, and there is an obligatory contribution as well. The number of candidates of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program is limited, the scheme available only for 2000 successful applicants.

Investment options for the Montenegrin citizenship

The investors may choose from two real estate options; they can invest 450,000 euros in the developed areas close to the seaside or investment of 250,000 euros in the less developed Northern and central regions of the country. The successful applicants must also pay a contribution of 100,000 euros per application to a special state fund. The process' fee is 15,000 euros for a single applicant. Moreover, up to three family members, the processing fee is 10,000 euros and more 50,000 euros for each additional family members.

Necessary documents of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

  1. Passports of the applicants who are applying for Montenegrin citizenship by investment.
  2. Original birth certificate for the primary applicant and family members
  3. Original Marriage certificate
  4. Criminal records (Proof that in Montenegro and/or in country of residence and country of origin (if it is different from the state of current residency) the applicant has not been convicted by a final sentence of unconditional punishment or imprisonment of more than one year for a criminal offence prosecuted ex officio or the legal consequences of conviction have ceased.
  5. Valid health insurance in Montenegro (can be bought in Montenegro through Discus Holdings Ltd)
  6. The medical report that the applicant is not suffering from contagious diseases, issued following the regulation of the state in which the applicant is a national.

All the documents mentioned above must be translated to Montenegrin language by an official translator. Discus Holdings Ltd can assist with the interpretation of the necessary documents of the naturalisation process.

The Montenegrin government developed the business immigration scheme for two years, and its due diligence protocol satisfies the highest standards of the European Union. The primary applicants must also prove their excellent character, transparent financial and economic situation to qualify.

How to get Montenegro citizenship through investment?

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