The lucrative nature of the legal profession has driven legal practitioners to cost their money and time to pursue the master's degree in anticipation of their perceptions that the LLM degree would be an addition to their legal practice.

It is no doubt, learning something new is no harmful but keeping hope from it will cost you. 

While your LLB is enough to get yourself enrolled as a licensed attorney, the commercially-minded colleges will keep pulling you to pursue the masters. Some fall for new places, some fall for new hope, some for their belief that they lack somewhere and some pursue as they think it is a pre-requisite degree in some engagement and employment. Well, for those who pursue LL.M merely to fall under the ambit of some criteria, the law practice is of course not for you dear. 

I am specifically dealing with legal practitioners who believe they're in the legal profession for a lifetime and not just there keeping this Nobel profession as an alternative or a last resort. 

Before, I shifted to Mumbai and started independent legal practice. I thought to pursue LL.M to enter the City. However, my wisdom prevailed and decided not. What else you need besides your Bar Id to pursue legal practice?

Well, limiting the topic of the article. I am not involving the different facets of the legal profession. 

Although LL.M does not help you in legal practice it will never stop tempting you to add the degree to your academic wardrobe. When I say it does not helps you in legal practice, I simply pose a question to yourself, does it?    

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