Going LIVE with the 3rd episode in the ESG Decibels Series titled as ESG & Directors - An Interplay of Roles. We demystify how Directors have accepted ESG as a concept and embraced it. Manoj K. Raut, CEO and Secretary-General, Institute of Directors, India joins us in this enlightening conversation. He believes that sustainability is the future and that there is a need for R&D in India. He also believes that India has started the journey and is on the right path to achieve wonders when it comes to ESG. Raut joined Institute of Directors, India as a Management Trainee in the year 2000 and later on, in the year 2010, he was elevated as CEO of the Institute of Directors, India and also as Secretary-General. Currently he is also on a few not-for-profit Boards including on the boards of World Environment Foundation and International Academy of Law besides the Editor of Director Today - A Monthly Journal of IOD.

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