Many people have a goal in life to eventually have children and raise a family. However, this is a choice that can have more implications and complications than initially considered. Adoption is one option available. There are a significant amount of children who are orphans, and while their situations are often unfortunate, their lives can receive incalculable improvement through adoption.

Oman is an Islamic nation, and so they have Sharia Law and Islamic values. One value taught is that of being kind to and not stealing from the wealth of an orphan. These children are to receive proper treatment. This idea is much the same when it comes to adoption. However, the Omani regulations on adoption and child rights are still receiving expansions.

With this considered, Oman has recently introduced new amendments to prior regulations which look to provide adopted children with more excellent protection and more significant rights. The new rules are summarised as follows.

Rights of Adopted Children

Children who are adopted are not biologically related to their adoptive parents, though the relationships that grow are very much the same. The regulations that have existed rarely consider adoption, and so while the situations should be the same, the law must state this in clear language.

The new amendment looks to provide adopted children with the same rights and protections as biological children. The authorities must also be permitted to make visits to ensure the child is receiving appropriate treatment. If any violations are found, the authorities will have the right to remove children from the custody of the adoptive parents.

Further to this, the employment of children is not permitted at under 15 years of age in any way. Any work beyond this age is limited in what industry it can take place. A relative must also work in the same place.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.