Document Legalization In Ukraine Amidst Ongoing Conflict

Despite the persisting conflict in Ukraine, the provision of document legalization services continues to operate, offering a vital lifeline to individuals...
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Despite the persisting conflict in Ukraine, the provision of document legalization services continues to operate, offering a vital lifeline to individuals and businesses navigating bureaucratic hurdles.

Fragomen stands at the forefront of assisting clients with these essential services, ensuring that administrative processes are efficiently managed.

The need for legalizing documents remains critical for numerous reasons. Fragomen collaborates with Ukrainian authorities and local partners to facilitate the authentication and legalization of documents on behalf of clients, whether it be for immigration purposes, business transactions, academic pursuits or other endeavors.

Fragomen's service offerings in Ukraine

In collaboration with the firm's network of partners in Ukraine, Fragomen offers comprehensive support in procuring, apostilling and translating various documents required for immigration and legal processes on behalf of clients.

The list of documents with which we support includes marriage and birth certificates, police clearances, education documents, declarations of value (if a diploma is used in Italy), divorce decrees, declarations of name changes and more.

Despite the ongoing logistical challenges in Ukraine, Fragomen professionals streamline the document procurement process via central registers in Kyiv. Subsequently, we ensure the authentication of these documents through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, obtaining apostilles that validate their legitimacy for international use or consular legalizations at foreign embassies, for countries that are not members of the Hague Convention.

Though many embassies in Ukraine are currently closed, such as the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Fragomen continues to provide invaluable support by ensuring the completion of document legalization processes in the country of destination.

In the instances where the consular legalization step cannot be completed in Ukraine, Fragomen teams conduct comprehensive strategy assessments to identify alternative solutions. Leveraging the firm's extensive global network, Fragomen professionals can facilitate the authentication and legalization of documents even in the absence of diplomatic missions.

Immigration complexities surrounding the conflict

In occupied territories within Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Cherson, Zaporizhzhia and Crimea), document legalization support may encounter limitations due to international sanctions imposed on these regions.

Fragomen acknowledges the complexities and legal restrictions surrounding operations in such areas and remains committed to compliance with international laws and regulations.

While challenges may arise in providing full-fledged support for document legalization in these regions, we continue to explore avenues for assisting our clients within the boundaries of legal frameworks and international obligations.

Important considerations

All document legalization services for Ukraine are now centralized and managed from Kyiv, operating much as they did before the onset of the conflict.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict and its associated disruptions, including sporadic power cuts, the ever-changing security situation and disrupted courier services, Fragomen is continuously supporting those requiring assistance with document legalization.

Understanding that delays may occur due to these unpredictable factors is strongly recommended, and planning with enough time for document legalization before one's assignment start date is encouraged.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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