The Minister of Education and Higher Education has recently published Resolution No. 10 of 2017, Concerning the Provision of Educational Services (Educational Services Resolution).

This follows the introduction of Law No. 18 of 2015 Regulating the Provision of Educational Services (Educational Services Law), which we have reported on previously.

We note some of the key features of the Educational Services Resolution below:

  • The Educational Services Resolution adds entities providing education and training services in relation to curriculum reinforcement, educational training, mental arithmetic, visual arts and educating those with disabilities to the scope of the Educational Services Law (referred to as Educational Services).
  • This means that entities providing the services outlined above (referred to as Educational Centres) will require a specific licence to operate.
  • Educational Centres should have separate premises in which they operate; the licence will be issued for that premises. The premises may only be used for the provision of the licensed Educational Services.
  • The size of the Educational Centre's premises must be proportionate to the number of trainees and the services being provided. The premises must also meet certain requirements such as having suitable car parking and containing suitable furniture, modern tools and devices and appropriate modern means of communication.
  • Additional educational pre-requisites are imposed in relation to the director and trainers of the Educational Centre. For example, in addition to the requirements set out in the Educational Services Law, trainers must hold a relevant university degree and have at least 3 years of relevant experience.
  • A bank guarantee must be provided, which may be called fully or partially if a violation occurs. The value of the guarantee is QAR 100,000 where the Educational Centre is licensing one Educational Service and QAR 200,000 otherwise. The guarantee must be paid within 20 days of receiving notification that the licence approval has been granted, failing which the approval will be withdrawn.
  • The guarantee may be waived (in whole or in part) for reasons relating to the public interest where the applicant is a government authority, charity or public benefit private foundation.
  • Where deductions are made to the bank guarantee following any violation, this must be replaced by the Educational Centre within 10 days of receiving a request to do so.
  • The bank guarantee will be returned to the Educational Centre within 30 days of the cancellation or expiry of the licence.
  • Educational Centres must comply with the following requirements, failing which a deduction of QAR 5,000 may be made from the bank guarantee:
    • They must not advertise/announce that they are opening or accept any students until their licence application has been approved.
    • They must refrain from engaging any course outside of the Education Centre's premises, unless they have received advance approval to do so.
    • Any advertisements inside the Educational Centre must relate to the licensed activities.
    • A service price list must be posted at a conspicuous place in the Educational Centre's premises.

Qatar Issues New Resolution Relating To The Provision Of Educational Services

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