Recently, the House of Representatives approved the law that established a Sub-Ministry of Shipping.

In particular, this law provides for the transformation and renaming of the Department of Merchant Shipping to the state Sub-Ministry of Shipping, whose responsibilities will include the following:

  • developing an integrated national shipping strategy for the further expansion of the Cyprus Ship Register.
  • promoting and supporting investment in shipping, including the development and implementation of incentives.
  • advancing, promoting and enhancing the Cyprus Ship Register and Cypriot maritime affairs, both abroad and domestic.

The Law also provides for the responsibilities of the Sub-Ministry of Shipping, which will include, among others, the following:

  • to oversee the policy, as it relates to the Sub-Ministry of Shipping,
  • to manage all matters and affairs falling within the powers or duties assigned to him.
  • to publicly represent the Republic in institutions and bodies of the European Union or other international organizations and to advance international relationships.

Reference is also made in the Law that related matters, such as any approval or licence granted under the maritime legislation, shall be deemed to have been made under the provisions of this Law.

This Law shall become effective on 1 March 2018.

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