The adoption of the new performance lists for Flag States and Recognized Organizations was approved during the 56th meeting of the Paris MoU committee and will enter into force on the 1st of July 2023.

The Cyprus Registry of Ships is now among the top ten performers since it has accomplished a remarkable rise from the 13th place of 2022 to the 8th place in the Paris MoU Whitelist.

The Whitelist includes the high quality flags with a consistent low ship detention record and it is based on the number of inspections and detentions carried out in a specific period of time but also on the ship safety and quality assessment.

Following on the raising of Cyprus to 8th from 13th in the MoU White List, the Deputy Minister, at "Shipping in Cyprus and Prospects in Larnaca," – an event organized by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber – stated that "Cyprus, being the third largest island in the Mediterranean at the eastern edge between the maritime routes of Europe, Africa, and Asia, has always attached great importance to shipping, which undoubtedly constitutes a significant pillar for the country's economic development".

"Shipping contributes 7 per cent to Cyprus' GDP and to the social and political progress of the region," the Deputy Minister continued.

"Recognizing the importance of shipping for Cyprus, the primary objective of the Christodoulides administration is to further improve and develop Cypriot shipping," she added.

"As a result, Cyprus maintains a strong presence and active involvement in decisions taken by international organizations, such as the IMO, ILO, and the European Union concerning these matters," she stated.

Inarguably, the higher ranking of Cyprus in the Paris MoU List is the result of the continued efforts made towards the improvement of the inspection and control practices but also those towards ship safety and quality.

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