It's officially summer in the world. This new June GossIP Issue covers 4 interesting cases of infringement.

The first case is overturn made by the Beijing Court in favor of the Bulgari's Snake head which is protected as copyright against a trademark.

The second article deals with trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Despite all the efforts that China put against malicious filings, the Brita case reveals that trademark squatting is still quite frequent. But for the first time in China, this case clearly states that the abuse of trademark administrative procedures by infringers constitutes unfair competition.

The third article covers the enforcement against counterfeit products: since the development of e-commerce and the convenience of online shopping have facilitated people's ability of selling and buying all kinds of counterfeit products, we explain what happened after the largest-ever raid against online sellers of counterfeit golf products in China.

A break then with the reading of the new Regulations for simplifying the Business Name Registration process to reduce business cost and stimulate market vitality, recently issued by the State Council, followed, to finish with a tasty case, by a trademark infringement and unfair competition dispute about soup dumplings that took place recently regarding the use of the word "Nanxiang Xiaolong".

Enjoy the summer reading!

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