Amid this year's disruptions to IP litigation, we have seen high-impact developments affecting life sciences companies.

In our latest video, Andy Shaughnessy, Edward Fan, and Melanie Rowand give us a sneak peek of their upcoming webinar on October 29, exploring the latest developments affecting life sciences innovation and business models going forward, including:

  • the Federal Court of Canada, in a decision expected to have a big impact on inventions relating to medical diagnostic methods, recently declared the policy adopted by the patent office for determining subject matter eligibility of patent claims is improper; and
  • the impact of file wrapper estoppel being encoded into the Patent Act—will this change the approach to statements made during prosecution of a patent application?

Register for the upcoming webinar here and play the teaser video below for a preview of our upcoming conversation on data protection, patent term extension and strategies, and important decisions on substantive patent law.

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