If you just want a job, we are probably not right for you. On the other hand, if you want a truly rewarding career where your professional development and growth will be supported and encouraged, you may well find a home at Crowe Soberman.

But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what Alessandra has to say.

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Video Transcription:

My name is Alessandra De Palma. I knew I always loved numbers, I loved helping people, I loved helping people get results, so I decided to go into accounting. Once I got into my first co-op job I realized taxes was especially for me. I loved helping people out. I loved getting them the results that they wanted from their tax returns.

Once I started at Crowe Soberman it totally corporations and trusts. I was able to help a wider range of people and in different countries too - I think it's fantastic that the government offers a lot of things that are available to people they just need someone to show them where it is. When I first started to get to know my tax team, fairly quickly everyone started to realize I was the "T1 Queen" because I came from a place where I was doing a lot of personal tax returns. So even now some people will come to me and ask questions about that whereas I'll go to them to ask some questions to help my growth here at Crowe Soberman.

My experience at Crowe has been absolutely fantastic. Everyone is so nice to me. Every time I walk by in the hall everyone says hi to each other, we have parties often, celebrate birthdays or special occasions. It's like we're a big family. We work on four different floors and I don't see everybody every day but when we get together, it's a lot of fun. My professional development has been fantastic. Not only do they help us with the CPA program, where they give us a mentor and they guide us through the specific process you need to do to get your designation but they also help us with work experience. I've learned more here than I've learned at all my other experiences combined.

Every morning I wake up I'm so excited to come to work. I walk through the doors and anybody I see is greeting me with a smile and a hello.

Thank You Crowe Soberman.

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