O'Toole Highlights Foreign Policy and Human Rights

Conservative leader Erin O'Toole continued to roll out his platform over social media on Thursday, highlighting his pledge to ban all products made with slave labour. "For years, evidence has been mounting of China's use of Uyghur slave labour in Xinjiang to make products like cotton and solar panels," the Conservative leader stated. "Canada's Conservatives will stand up for human rights and ensure that some of the world's worst human right offenders don't profit from these abuses."

Since becoming Conservative leader, O'Toole has called for Canada to take a stronger stance on China, including restrictions on  Chinese telecommunications companies in Canada's 5G system, and declaring China's treatment of Uyghur Muslims a genocide.

In January 2021, the Government of Canada announced new measures to address human rights abuses in Xinjiang, China. Those included a business advisory from the Department of Global Affairs on doing business with Xinjiang-related entities, and a requirement that Canadian businesses sign a Xinjiang Integrity Declaration if they source from Xinjiang or from entities relying on Uyghur labour, are established in Xinjiang, or are seeking to engage in the Xinjiang market.

Green Party Highlights Emission Reduction Plan 

Over Twitter on Thursday, the Green Party highlighted its plan to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050. The plan includes ending the production of fossil fuels, launching a transition plan for workers, and creating green transportation and infrastructure. The Green Party's 'just transition' to a decarbonized economy includes a pledge to "introduce laws that incentivize green investment and the creation of green jobs" and introduction of a "Just Transition Act" that "takes care of workers and communities during the transition." On infrastructure, the Green platform pledges to develop a national energy grid using 100% renewable sources by 2030, while banning any further development of nuclear power. The plan also pledges to create and implement a national green retrofit of existing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings across the country.

Trudeau Continues to Push Mandatory Vaccine Messaging

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau made a campaign stop in Ottawa on Thursday where he thanked health care workers for being on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, and asked Canadians to do their part by getting vaccinated. "All of us as Canadians, owe you, to do our part, to help you. And that is why as a leader and as a government we have been unequivocal on vaccinations." Since the outset of the campaign, mandatory vaccinations have played a central role in the Liberal Party's campaign messaging, and has been touted by the Liberal leader as a key point of difference between the Liberals and Conservatives.

The NDP Aims to Highlight Liberal Inaction 

The NDP released a series of media statements on Thursday aimed at highlighting Liberal inaction on a range of policy issues, from climate change to health care. "Justin Trudeau campaigns like he means it but governs like he doesn't," reads the title of one release. "He campaigns on helping seniors but voted against taking profit out of long-term care...He campaigns on making medication affordable but voted against a universal pharmacare plan." New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh has emphasized throughout the campaign that Canadians have a choice between continued Liberal inaction on important issues, or voting NDP.

Bloc Québécois Calls for Greater Support Of Regions Outside of Metropolitan Areas

The Bloc Québécois highlighted its regional economic development strategy on Thursday. "[W]e believe that a green and prosperous recovery must be anchored in the regions of Quebec," a Tweet from the Bloc Québécois read. The Bloc Québécois, according to its platform, will seek to better connect Quebec's rural and remote regions by advocating for a provincial alternative to Air Canada and increasing VIA Rail services across the province. The Bloc Québécois platform also proposes to create a tax credit for recent graduates and immigrants who choose to settle outside of major urban centres, and to create a tax deduction for remote workers.

Postmedia-Leger Poll Has the Conservatives and Liberals Tied

A new Postmedia-Leger poll [PDF] conducted between September 3 and 6 has the Conservatives and Liberals tied. According to the survey, if an election were held, both the Conservatives and the Liberals would win 33% of the vote, the NDP 21%, the Bloc Québécois 6%, the Green Party 3%, and the People's Party of Canada 3%. The Liberal Party leads the Bloc Québécois in Quebec among decided voters, 34% to 27%, with the Conservatives trailing at 21%. 

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