Recently, on behalf of the Intellectual Property department of the Siqueira Castro Advogados Office, COPAG filed a lawsuit against AIH. This company tried to import from China 96,000 (ninety six thousand) games that bear, on back of each card, a figurative trademark that is owned by COPAG.

The lawsuit resulted in a judicial agreement in which the AIH company agreed to incinerate the products that were seized in the Brazilian customs. Furthermore, AIH will pay approximately US$ 13,000.00 (thirteen thousand) to COPAG.

In similar lawsuits filed in the last 2 years, more than 302,00 (three hundred and two thousand) products that violate COPAG's Industrial Properties have been seized.

It is important to highlight that all the measures taken by COPAG have its importance based on the fact that the counterfeiters look for leading products to pirate and steal jobs, investments and taxes in the country. This is a more damaging consequence than the simple operation of distributing the goods.

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