Decree No. 10.030/2019 ("Decree") approved the new Regulation for Controlled Products ("Regulation") subject to the surveillance of the Ministry of Army.

The Regulation established principles, classifications, definitions and rules for inspection of controlled products by the Ministry of Army ("PCE").

The PCE are products of military interest which have (i) destructive power; (ii) possibility of causing harm to individuals or property; (iii) shall have the use restrict due to public safety, such as firearms, explosives, ammunition and fireworks.

Activities involving PCE, such as manufacturing, commerce, importing, exporting, using, and providing services are subject to authorization from the Ministry of Army.

Non-compliance with the Regulation subjects the violator to administrative penalties, such as fines, warning, interdiction or revocation, and to criminal penalties and/or civil indemnification.

The Regulation is in force and revoked previous ones related to controlled products (Federal Decrees No. 3.665/2000 and 9.493/2018).

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