Andersen in South Africa is delighted to announce the appointment of two esteemed colleagues to key leadership roles within Andersen Global: Keshia Manolios and Norman Mekgoe. These appointments signify our commitment to excellence and innovation in the African legal and taxation landscape.

Keshia Manolios has been appointed by Andersen Global as:

  1. Africa Legal Coordinator; and
  2. Co-head for Litigation & Arbitration, Africa

Keshia has been appointed to the dual roles of Africa Legal Coordinator and Co-head for Litigation & Arbitration, Africa. With a wealth of experience and expertise in these fields of practice, Keshia is well-prepared to drive our legal services in the African region to new heights.

Keshia's dedication to her work and her deep understanding of legal intricacies make her a valuable asset to our team. Her leadership in litigation and arbitration will undoubtedly bolster our capabilities in resolving complex legal matters across the continent.

We congratulate Keshia on this well-deserved promotion and have no doubt that her leadership will contribute significantly to our continued success in Africa.

Norman Mekgoe appointed by Andersen Global as Head of the Indirect Taxes Service Line, Africa

In another exciting announcement, Norman Mekgoe has been appointed as the new Head of the Indirect Taxes Service Line for Africa. Norman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in taxation to this role, making him the perfect candidate to lead our efforts in this crucial area.

Norman's leadership will be instrumental in helping our clients navigate the intricate landscape of indirect taxes across Africa. We are confident that his strategic insights and dedication to client service will drive our indirect taxes practice to new heights of excellence.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Norman on his appointment and look forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on our clients and the entire Andersen Global team.

At Andersen in South Africa, we are immensely proud of our colleagues' hard work and dedication. These appointments reflect our commitment to nurturing talent and providing the best possible services to our clients in Africa and on the global stage.

We are excited about the future and the opportunities that these appointments bring. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to delivering outstanding legal and taxation services to our clients and look forward to the many productive associations that lie ahead. Congratulations once again to Keshia Manolios and Norman Mekgoe, and here's to a successful journey ahead!