Clients should make note that a standard driver's license will no longer be acceptable for air travel for passengers over the age of eighteen (18) years beginning May 3, 2023. Instead, a REAL ID (or federally compliant driver's license), US Passport or other limited forms of acceptable identification will be required for air travel. Issues may arise when obtaining a federally compliant license or a new US Passport if the legal names on the supporting documentation do not match. For example, the birth certificate, social security card and other forms of documentation must all be the same. Therefore, these documents should be reviewed now to allow for time to correct the documentation if there are inconsistencies among the documents. Along the way your name can end up different from your birth certificate to your driver's license or passport. A "minor" difference such as a different middle name or initial on the current driver's license or passport will cause issues when applying for a federally compliant driver's license or passport. One way to correct any errors or inconsistencies is by filing an Application for Change of Name with the probate court in the county where you have resided for at least sixty (60) days. One should allow ample time for the granting of the requested name change as the probate court may require a hearing, publication of notice in the local newspaper or a criminal background check. The probate court will require the reason for the name change on the Application for Change of Name, Affidavit in Support, a copy of the birth certificate and a valid driver's license or state identification card. The probate court also has the right to request additional documentation to support the Application for a Name Change.

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