In March 2021 we welcomed Philadelphia-based consulting firm, Emphasys Technologies Inc. (ETI) to the Ocorian group (read the announcement here). Here we break down how ETI can benefit our clients.

Established in 1988 in Philadelphia, USA, ETI is a consulting firm that provides structured finance analytics, bond administration, loan portfolio tax accounting and consulting services.

Who can benefit from ETI's services?

The main beneficiaries of ETI's services are banks, underwriters, major trustees, asset managers, servicers, and issuers of mortgage and asset-backed securities and other structured finance vehicles.

ETI's structured finance services are particularly suited to clients such as:

  • Mortgage-backed securities and asset-backed securities issuers and trustees looking for bond administration and tax support services
  • Structured finance participants looking for due diligence and document review
  • Bond administration participants looking to build efficiencies into their current processing scheme

Service offering

ETI provide structured finance analytics, specialising in pre-issuance transaction reviews, deal cash flow modelling, and monthly bond administration services.

ETI has extensive experience completing Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC) tax reporting for a wide range of REMIC structures. It also completes tax reports, often in concert with several of the "Big Four" accounting firms, for grantor trusts, widely held fixed investment trust (WHFITs), and partnership arrangements.

ETI can calculate the projected excess inclusion income of residual interests under different prepayment assumptions. The excess inclusion income calculations are especially important to issuers of commercial real estate CLOs.

The team also calculates taxable income for loan portfolios of failed institutions purchased from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) with loss share agreements. ETI also provides calculations of taxable income associated with pools of distressed or deeply discounted mortgages.

The company has developed software and models to help clients meet their reporting needs and enhance the efficiency of operations. It also assists clients with collecting and consolidating excess inclusion income for portfolios of residual interests.

What does integration mean for you?

Jeff Stone, President: "Joining the Ocorian group is a really exciting step for both our clients and colleagues. Our services complement each other perfectly and clients can now leverage Ocorian's extensive suite of services across the globe, broadening our service lines beyond our traditional core disciplines of mortgage and asset-backed bond administration and tax reporting. Our employees can also take advantage of the broader opportunities that come with being part of a large, multinational enterprise with strong growth ambitions."

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