Pioneers and Pathfinders · Jazz Hampton

We've had a number of guests on the show focused on the A2J gap, as well as issues of social justice, but today's guest, Jazz Hampton, combines both. Jazz is CEO and general counsel at TurnSignl, a Minnesota-based tech company that he co-founded in the wake of the deaths of Philando Castile and George Floyd. TurnSignl is a mobile app where the user, if stopped for a traffic violation or involved in an accident, can push a button and be connected automatically to an attorney to receive real-time, on-demand legal guidance. The goal of the app is to keep drivers safe and empowered while speaking with law enforcement. Before joining TurnSignl, Jazz was the director of diversity and inclusion and a practicing attorney at a national law firm. Among other roles, Jazz has won a number of accolades, most recently being named to Fastcase 50.

Join us for a fascinating conversation about TurnSignl's growth plans, how this first-generation college student ended up in law school, and how a mentor made all the difference when Jazz was starting out.

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