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Mamaw and the Three-Legged Dog


In this insightful bonus episode, Sara and Tricia explore how searching for a scapegoat can backfire.

Tricia opens with a funny story from her childhood about her grandmother (Mamaw), her three-legged dog and an invisible fence. Spoiler alert: The ending is a bit shocking and illustrates case-in-point why it's often best for colleagues and co-defendants to stick together.

Sara explains how this strategy works in the courtroom and why co-defendants shouldn't always jump at the opportunity to blame each other. Too often, playing the blame game plays directly into the opposing side's hands.

Tricia then walks us through a real-life example of a medical malpractice case in which professionals attacked each other with disastrous results. It's a fascinating look into why taking the high road can help you win in the end.

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