Riker Danzig Counsel Laurie Sands was featured by Partners for Women and Justice for her pro bono work for PFWJ.  An environmental attorney, Laurie has volunteered for PFWJ since 2018, providing pro bono counsel to victims of domestic violence.  In PFWJ's "Pro Bono Profile," Laurie said, "Environmental law tends to be more science and fact-based. Stepping into court as an attorney for a victim is completely different, the subject matter is much more personal and emotional." 

In the Profile, Laurie notes the challenges in representing domestic violence victims, but recognizes the difference legal counsel makes.  "You become very important to your client, someone they can lean on. Helping victims find safety is rewarding work that is greatly needed," she said.

Riker Danzig, a long-time supporter of PFWJ, is proud of Laurie's contributions to securing justice and safety for domestic violence victims. In addition to Laurie's involvement, Counsel Anne Mohan is a member of PFWJ's Board of Directors, and has also provided pro bono work for PFWJ, along with other Riker Danzig attorneys.

Read the full profile here.

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