When Facebook rebranded its overarching company name to Meta, it catapulted the metaverse into the spotlight. Considered the next evolution of the internet, the metaverse is set to revolutionise the way in which people can live, work, shop and interact with others from the comfort of their homes.

But although many influential commentators expect the tech to transcend social media platforms and virtual gaming, information about this virtual world becomes more accessible and consumer interest is increasing, enthusiasm for its potential remains mixed. For the general public, levels of understanding of the metaverse and its capabilities differ significantly between regions.

Some markets have been actively embracing the metaverse for a while now, but others that have only just begun to hear about it since the launch of Meta have had much less time to adjust to the idea. And there's a clear connection between levels of understanding of the metaverse and enthusiasm.

Our new report, 'The Immaterial World', expands on these themes with a detailed look at the potential of the metaverse based on the views of consumers from across the world, and provides recommendations to help businesses develop their metaverse strategies.

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