We are delighted to share our global FSR Outlook 2024: Finding solid ground as the bedrock shifts. In 2024, the character of change facing the financial industry is more foundational – or fundamental – in nature than ever before. From ESG to AI, the shape of the world we live in is changing in a radical way.

This year, we chart the paths through the shifting landscape for financial services businesses seeking solid ground. We explore the following themes.

  • Spinning plates – can financial services be regulated efficiently, competitively, innovatively and prudently?
  • Taming the machine – AI and the role of senior managers
  • ESG: disclosure, reporting, labelling, anti-greenwashing requirements and beyond
  • 'Do the right thing' – easier said than done
  • The future of securities tokenisation and crypto regulation – what you need to know
  • Operational resilience – predicting the unpredictable
  • The evolution of individual accountability regimes
  • Fit to fight financial crime

Our Outlook includes regional perspectives from our offices around the world.

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