Recently, law drafts about health protection, which include new prohibitions, have been submitted to the Parliament. Minister of Health has announced that the scope of the smoking prohibition will be expanded and that regulations on smoking in the playgrounds as well as at the front of the entrances and the exits of the shopping malls and crowded hospitals will be rearranged.

According to the announcement of the Minister of Health the prohibition stated and intended to be applied through the health package will have following effect over the Shopping Malls are as follows:

  • Smoking in front of the entrances and the exits of the Shopping Malls shall be prohibited and those areas shall be indicated by prescribing specific distances for those private areas;
  • Shops selling cigarettes shall not present cigarettes at show cases, but shall sell maintain them in closed cupboards;
  • Smoking shall be allowed only in 25% percent of the open areas of cafes and restaurants, in which smoking is allowed, and smoking in the remaining 75% shall be prohibited (It has been predicted that the Cabinet has authority to arrange this issue up to 50%)

Minister of Health has not given any further details by stating that the final version of the Health Package will be prepared by the Parliament. The details of the aforementioned package are not available as yet, and it can be expected that the Parliament will make other amendments on it.

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