MLC 2006 of the International Labour Organisation ("ILO") dated 07 February 2006 has been ratified, declared and published in the Official Gazette numbered 30018 dated 25 March 2017.

MLC 2006 was already binding on vessels with Turkish ownership flying the flags of contracting states and required compliance by all vessels that underwent port sate control at the ports of contracting states. Fees and fines were imposed on non-compliant vessels. Turkey's ratification of the MLC 2006 will be registered by the ILO and gain full force and effect with regard to Turkish flagged vessels 12 months after registration.

MLC 2006 contains general provisions regarding the employment of seafarers. The Convention establishes the standards for working and living for every seafarer employed on vessels flying the flags of contracting states. MLC 2006 is binding on ship owners with regard to the minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship, conditions of employment including fair terms of employment and repatriation, accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering, health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protections as well as on states with regard to compliance with and enforcement of the convention. Contracting states are obligated to inspect and certify the ship owners' compliance with the standards imposed by MLC 2006. The ship owners that violate these standards face penal consequences which aim to negate the unfair financial advantages benefitted by those who operate substandard ships.

In this regard the ratification of the MLC 2006 is a welcomed progress for the Turkish shipping industry.

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