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On May 1, a significant update in intellectual property law took effect with the implementation of Resolution No. 6237 issued by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.
Ukraine Intellectual Property
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On May 1, a significant update in intellectual property law took effect with the implementation of Resolution No. 6237 issued by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. This legal framework governs the application process for registering an industrial design, a key form of intellectual property protection focused on the aesthetic aspects of products.

Understanding Industrial Design Protection.  Industrial designs encapsulate the visual features of a product, including its shape, pattern, color, and ornamentation. Unlike patents, which protect technical and functional aspects of inventions, industrial design rights safeguard the product's distinctive appearance. This form of protection is pivotal for companies aiming to maintain the uniqueness of their products in the market.

The Resolution defines the rules for submitting an application for an industrial design, the list of documents to be submitted, and the examination procedure.

Key Provisions of the Resolution.

  • Foundational aspects of industrial design protection; 
  • Conditions under which industrial designs can be protected;
  • Detailed documentation requirements;
  • Novelties regarding electronic document flow;
  • Steps for the proper submission and initial registration of application documents;
  • Procedures for both preliminary and detailed examination of the industrial design;
  • Guidelines for international registration under the Hague Agreement on the International Registration of Industrial Designs facilitating global protection.

Registration of industrial design under the Resolution provides exclusive rights to the production, marketing and sale of product for 5 years from the filing date and may be extended upon request of the certificate of registration but no longer than for 25 years.

Application requirements.  Applicants must provide several documents, including a copy of any prior application and its Ukrainian translation, proof of the design's display at recognized exhibitions, and payment evidence for the application fee. Optional materials include drawings, assembly maps, and ergonomic layout diagrams. The Resolution also accommodates electronic applications, adhering to specified standards.

Conclusion: A Strategic Advantage in Global Markets. The Resolution provides business actors with a robust mechanism for protecting their innovative designs both domestically and abroad. It involves provisions that will allow businesses to promptly manage and commercialize intellectual assets, even at the stage of registration. It also prevents competitors from importing into Ukraine a product which copies or extremely resembles design.

A fast and transparent mechanism for registration of industrial design rights contain novelties regarding electronic document flow and also involve provisions that will allow businesses to promtly manage and commercialize intellectual asset, even at the stage of registration.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that industrial design can promote your business by establishing goodwill in the trademark meaning.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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