The Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. (47) of 2022 regarding the Executive Regulations of Federal Law No. (38) of 2021 concerning Copyright and Neighboring Rights was published on May 13, 2022, Gazette no. 727/52 and came into force in May 14, 2022.

The Executive regulations (hereinafter referred to “ER”) consists of 20 Articles.

  • Submission of missing documents

As per articles 2 and 5 of the ER, the applicant shall submit the documents and information requested by the Ministry within (60) sixty days from the date of the receiving the Ministry's notification; otherwise, the application will be cancelled.

  • Appeal Time frame

As per articles 2 and 5 of the ER, an appeal can be filed before the Grievance Committee regarding any rejection decision within 30 days from the notification date of the decision.

  • Future intellectual production

The disposal of future rights which, under the Former Law was limited to five works are increased to ten works as per Article 18 of the ER.

  • Compulsory Licensing

Article 7 of the ER provides that any interested party may apply to the Ministry to obtain a license for copying or translation or both for a protected work in accordance with the law, in order to fulfil the needs of education of all kinds and levels, or the needs of public libraries or archiving.

Articles 9 and 10 of the ER stipulates the conditions required for providing a compulsory license to copy a protected work and the conditions required for providing a compulsory license to translate a protected work, respectively.

  • Customs Seizure

Article 17 of the ER which provides that the Customs authorities may on their own or on the request of the right owner stop the clearance of a shipment for (20) days, for any materials that are in violation of the Law. The supporting documents shall be submitted with the request which prove the right and the documents shall be duly legalized.

The regulations of the Customs Authorities shall apply regarding the Customs release, inspection, conditions and procedures.