On 13 December 2023, a pivotal stakeholder validation meeting at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau discussed the outcomes of consultations, principles, and the draft Bill aimed at amending the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, 2006. Recognizing the evolving landscape of technology and emerging practices, the proposed amendments seek to address several crucial aspects not addressed by the current Act, including:

  1. Orphan Works Exploitation: Facilitating use of copyright works with unidentifiable authors or owners.
  2. Extended Copyright Protection: From 50 to 70 years.
  3. Written Assignment Requirement: Assignments or transfers to be in writing, with a 20-year validity.
  4. Quasi-Judicial Powers for Registrar: Empowering the Registrar to resolve disputes.
  5. Increased Penalty Fees: Higher penalties for infringement actions.
  6. Registration of Collecting Societies: Mandating registration and roles of collecting societies.

With a focus on equitable remuneration, extended protection, and enhanced regulatory measures, the proposed amendments to Uganda's Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, 2006 signify a proactive approach in adapting to the challenges and opportunities presented by global technological advancements.

Source: Summary by Judith Kagere associate at AF MPANGA ADVOCATES in Uganda

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