Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in the enforcement of intellectual property rights, according to a global index.1 The country is ranked second in the Middle East and North Africa region and 26th out of 63 countries worldwide. In comparison to 2018, Saudi Arabia has jumped 18 places, marking a remarkable 41% increase in its intellectual property rights indicator for 2022.

This improvement highlights Saudi Arabia's commitment to strengthening intellectual property protection and enforcement.

Most prominent enforcement figures for 2022
Field visits 13K
Products contrary to IP rights were seized 12K+
Pirated websites were blocked 1.5K+
Removal of pirated content on the Internet 58K+
Decisions against violators 175
Ban on clearing counterfeit brands that violate the trademark system from entering Saudi markets 995
Complaints filed against Copyright and Trademark violators 1.7K+

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) experienced a notable surge in intellectual property-related complaints in 2022. The total number of complaints exceeded 1,700, encompassing copyright and trademark issues across various sectors. This increase represents a significant 47% rise compared to the previous year, highlighting the growing significance of intellectual property rights in Saudi Arabia.

SAIP took proactive measures by conducting over 660 visits to businesses in 42 cities and governorates.2 A key element of their enforcement strategy involved mystery shopper visits, which played a crucial role in ensuring effective intellectual property enforcement.3 SAIP's enforcement team diligently monitored commercial and electronic markets, actively investigating instances of abuse and identifying patterns of infringement. These comprehensive efforts aimed to strengthen intellectual property enforcement and combat infringements effectively in the country.



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