For many people, the term "human trafficking" brings to mind illicit, back-alley dealings in far-flung corners of the globe. The reality, though, is that human trafficking is far more insidious. Not only is it occurring in our backyards in broad daylight, but many companies may purposely or inadvertently be profiting from this trade.

Attendees for this 60-minute webinar will learn:

  • The various transgressions that fall within the definition of human trafficking as well as the prevalence of these transgressions globally
  • The laws and regulations aimed at curbing trafficking, both domestically and internationally
  • The many ways your industry or business may inadvertently be fueling this trade
  • The duties and obligations imposed on companies to curb human trafficking
  • The legal and social implications of disregarding the applicable laws and regulation, and
  • Legislative changes on the horizon

Approved for 1.2 hours of general CLE credit in Missouri
Approved for 1.0 hours of general CLE credit in California and Illinois