GRATA Beijing has successfully provided a legal support in the exclusive distribution deal of the premium brand of Chinese electric cars ZEEKR in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The right to officially service and sell ZEEKR brand intelligent electric vehicles in Kazakhstan was granted to Orbis Auto.

An exclusive distribution agreement was signed by one of the companies within Orbis Auto and the Chinese company ZEEKR Intelligent Technology.

According to Forbes Kazakhstan1, a network of branded dealership centers will be opened in eight cities across Kazakhstan. Deliveries of the first cars will begin in the fourth quarter of this year. The distributor will also provide specialized service for cars of this brand with a warranty.

To date, ZEEKR supplies premium electric cars of the brand to the PRC market, and also announced plans to sell on the markets of the European Union and Israel.

In the future, Orbis Auto intends to develop a network of electric charging stations, including between the cities of Kazakhstan.