On Thursday 29th June my colleague, JJ Shaw, will be speaking at Campaign Magazine UK's Breakfast Briefing on "The Future of Generative AI in Advertising". The session will bring together major stakeholders in advertising and PR and will highlight how marketers can leverage generative AI to control costs, maximise ROI and remain competitive, relevant and compliant.

JJ will be taking part in a (metaphorical) 'Fireside Chat' on the legal risks that Generative AI presents for the advertising world and where AI legislation is heading. He will discuss some of the key legal risks and pitfalls associated with using Generative AI; what brands and advertisers can be doing to mitigate these risks; and the direction of AI regulation and what it could mean for the advertising world.

The session will be taking place at Curzon Soho starting at 8:30am, if you wish to attend you can do so by registering here.