The Isle of Man’s fiercely guarded ‘separateness’ as an independent nation, with its own unique history and culture, has now been officially recognised in a landmark agreement with the British Government.

  • The United Kingdom has ultimate responsibility for the Isle of Man internationally and historically all international matters affecting the Island were handled by the UK. Now the Island has received official sanction to continue with its policy of dealing directly with other governments to further growth in the expanding business sector.
  • The new ‘framework of principles’ agreed by the respective governments reinforces the Island’s separate status within the context of its constitutional relationship with the UK.

Interests on world stage

Chief Minister Tony Brown said the move was indicative of the Isle of Man’s growing stature as a mature and responsible democracy: ‘It confirms in writing that the Island has its own distinct and legitimate interests on the world stage, which may differ from those of the United Kingdom. This is a crucial factor when dealing with foreign governments in connection with developments in the finance sector.

‘There is now greater clarity about the Island’s position, which will be useful when dealing with governments and important organisations around the world – and therefore help the Isle of Man to further flourish as a reputable centre for international business.’

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