The year 2020 has seen an unprecedented pandemic that has impacted the global economy. The virus has been a leveler impacting both developed and developing and emerging economies. While it has thrown up a lot of uncertainties, it has also thrown up opportunities. The International Monetary Fund has projected a 9% growth for India in year 2021.

This will make India one of the fastest growing economies. India's growth story would not just continue but will be strengthened once we come out of this crisis. With a young and innovative population and the scale of digital transformation that the county is witnessing, we are well poised to achieve high growth rates. As a country, we aspire to become a US$ 5 Trillion economy in the next few years, and it is quite possible that the projected growth rates in year 2021, if achieved, could propel the economy to moving towards this aspirational target.

Businesses in India, from start-ups to big, businesses need to be supported through a legislative and regulatory regime which is enabling and compliments the business growth, in the last few years, the Government has taken several steps that address all business forms. This has to be an ongoing process with stakeholder consultation being an important element of this process.

The India Business Guide compiled by Vaish Associates, Advocates is a useful compendium of relevant rules and regulations that apply across sectors and will be immensely helpful to entrepreneurs, start-ups, foreign investors wanting to invest in India professionals who advise businesses as also the Government officials tasked with their enforcement. It is a single source of legislative and regulatory guidance explained in a simple language that will be of considerable help to new age entrepreneurs and business leaders. As a student of law, I fully appreciate the tremendous use that this compilation has for professionals in advising businesses. In fact, the Guide makes the job of both, those who want investors to invest in India and those who have already made the decision to invest in India, easier. The background information and insights provided in the Guide are immensely useful.

I want to thank and compliment Vaish Associates for coming out with this compilation at periodic intervals, sharply capturing the ever-evolving legislative space in our county for the benefit of hundreds and thousands of stakeholders and readers. This is an example of commendable service that Vaish Associates are rendering, not just to their stakeholders, but to students, professionals, policy makers and businesses as a whole.

I wish every success to this publication, which it fully deserves.


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