It is reported that His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai (Dubai), has issued Law No (8) of 2018 (Dubai Law 8/2018) concerning the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the regulator of medical services in Dubai. This article outlines the key points of the new law and looks at its potential impact on the healthcare sector in Dubai.

Dubai Law 8/2018 will be published in the Official Gazette. We understand that certain of the salient points contained in Dubai Law 8/2018 include the following:

  1. DHA has a new mandate:
    DHA is tasked to devise new strategies for the development of Dubai's healthcare sector. We understand that the DHA will review a series of matters ranging from the current licensing regime, employment related issues and how medical research is being conducted in Dubai.
  2. DHA to become a price setter:
    Dubai Law 8/2018 will allow the DHA to directly regulate and approve the prices of healthcare services offered by private providers in Dubai.
  3. Medical tourism:
    The DHA is tasked with boosting and developing the quality of medical tourism in Dubai. We understand that the DHA will operate with other public authorities to oversee the positive development of the medical tourism industry in Dubai.
  4. A renewed view on medical Insurance:
    The DHA will have the responsibility to manage and develop new medical insurance policies for users of healthcare services in Dubai.

Macro-economic indicators show that demand for healthcare services in Dubai is increasing and will continue to increase. To accommodate demand, healthcare providers are increasing capital expenditure outflows as well as focus on new technologies. Dubai Law 8/2018 is another example of how the authorities in Dubai proactively support and facilitate the growth of the healthcare sector in the Emirate. We will share a more detailed note on Dubai Law 8/2018 following its publication in the Official Gazette.

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