Key Points 

  • Kenya aims to clear a backlog of citizenship applications during a new 60-day initiative. 
  • The initiative begins on June 2, 2021 and ends July 31, 2021. 
  • For the purposes of the initiative, applications for citizenship or permanent residence will be moved to an online platform and processed online. 
  • Applications will be expedited and processed within the 60-day window.  
  • Although the initiative is aimed at granting citizenship, Kenya is allowing qualified investors to complete lawful permanent residence applications through the initiative. 


Kenya has launched a 60-day initiative that aims to provide an easy path to permanent residence for investors. The initiative aims to clear the current backlog of citizenship applications while also enticing foreign investors with lawful permanent residence. 

What Are The Changes? 

Prior to 2010, Kenya's constitution did not allow dual citizenship and after constitutional changes in 2011, former citizens can seek to regain formerly renounced citizenship. A backlog of these applications currently exists. In addition to enticing citizenship for Kenyans who relinquished citizenship prior to 2010, Kenya is also enticing foreign investors by allowing qualified foreign investors to apply for permanent residence through the 60-day initiative.  

The initiative aims to grant citizenship to thousands of individuals as well as permanent legal status to hundreds of foreign investors. 

Looking Ahead 

Kenya hopes to entice more foreign investment that will result in job creation for local Kenyans.

Originally Published 9 June, 2021

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