Mauritius is set to be removed from the European Union List of High Risk Third countries (the “EU List”) very soon. Following the meeting of the European Commission College of Commissioners on 22 December 2021 where the updating of the EU's AML/CFT list was discussed, the European Commission has adopted an updated AML/CFT list (the “Updated List”) which inter alia includes the delisting of Mauritius from the EU List. The next step is now the submission of the Updated List for scrutiny by the European Council and European Parliament. Once this step is passed, the delisting of Mauritius from the EU List will be formalized by the official publication of the Updated List by EU.

Please click HERE to read the official communiqué issued on 24 December 2021 by the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance, where the Mauritian Government reiterated their commitments to promote Mauritius as a reputable IFC anchored on principles of good governance and best practices.

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